Aix en Provence




During the morning : guided tour of Aix en Provence.
The old capital of Provence has kept a great deal of the character imparted to it in the XVIIth and XVIIIth. The sober elegance of its mansions, the graceful charm of its squares, the majesty of its avenues and loveliness and its fountains are impressive.

You will love to stroll through the heart of the town, in the pedestrian old streets to discover the façades of the baroque ochre coloured private mansions. These dwellings were built for the nobility, each with a concept and style corresponding to the residents' social importance.
The city also boasts a wide variety of fountains. Aix is the "city of water, city of art".
Among other buildings of interest : the cathedral, the town hall, the Corn Exchange

In the five main squares take place one of the major markets in all Provence. A square is dedicated to flowers, transforming the site into a veritable masterpiece of changing colours. Two others are dedicated to fruits and vegetables, another one is about new and second-hand clothes and the last one is filled with antique and handicrafts dealers.

By the way why not having a coffee at the shaded terrace of one of the numerous cafes.
Why not tasting a calisson cake with it, freshly made with almond paste before continuing your visit in the narrow streets, full of tiny boutiques.

Lunch with the advise of your guide

During the afternoon you may want to visit Cezanne's studio : which the famous painter born in Aix en Provence ordered the construction with the aim to have plenty of space and a good light to paint. Both building and furniture remain the same for a century, thanks to admirers who kept the studio exactly as it was. (entrance not included)

It is also possible to go for an excursion around the Sainte Victoire mountain, the one painted so many times by Cézanne. The sight is fantastic and very impressive with contrasting colours between the red earth, the white stone and the green vegetation. Why not stopping on the way in a wine estate to taste local wines ?

Suggested schedule
8:00am Pick up at your hotel or ship in Marseille
8:30 Guided tour of the charming city of Aix, renowned for its romantic atmosphere: baroque private mansions, fountains, shaded squares...
Leisure time on the market and lunch on your own
Possible visit of the Cezanne's studio (about 5.50 euros per person)
02:30 Scenic through the Sainte Victoire Mountain
03:15Drive back
04:00 Drop off

The schedule can be changed depending on the arrival/departure times of your ship or according to your wish if you stay in a hotel.