Place de l'Horloge Avignon


This tour gives you the opportunity to plunge into Provence history : from the roman epoch to the medieval times.

Le Pont du Gard : This incredible bridge was built around 19 BC !
It is in fact a part of an aqueduct which transported spring water from a catchment area near Uzès to the Romans in Nîmes. It was engineered to carry the daily water supply along its 31 miles. This huge and so old construction is very impressive. This is something you will never forget in your life !

Lunch with the advise of your guide in Avignon

Visit of Avignon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The city was a strategic site in the Rhone valley. With the arrival of the popes in the 14th Century, it became a second Rome. It was enriched by art in the 17th and 18th Centuries, and it remained papal property up to the French revolution. Its medieval walls cover nearly 3 miles and are punctuated by 39 towers and seven gates ! Within the walls thrives a culturally rich city.

The major site of the city is the huge pope's palace, the biggest gothic palace in the world. Just being at the foot of the impressive building will let you an unforgettable souvenir. It gives an idea of the grand life under the seven French popes who built a miniature Vatican during their rule here. You can visit 25 rooms of it, including the ceremonial rooms, chapels, cloister, private papal apartments with priceless frescoes, and others. (entrance not included)

The second point of interest is the St Bénezet bridge. This legendary bridge is a significant symbol of the history of Avignon, famous throughout the world due to the beloved children's song. The bridge was built in the late 1100's. Though it was often rebuilt after damage inflicted by the raging flood waters of the Rhone. (entrance not included)

9 hours is a minimum to plan this tour

Between the sites, your driver-guide will explain you many things about the history, the tradition, the natural environment...
You will be able to stop as much as you want to take pictures, or just to breath the fabulous scents of the provencal plants...

Suggested schedule
8:00am Pick up at your hotel or ship in Marseille
9:15 Guided tour of Avignon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This strategic site of the Rhone Valley is worldwide renowned for its huge pope’s palace, the major site of the city (possible inside visit of the Popes palace: about 11 euros per person)
01:30pm Drive to Pont du Gard
02:00 Visit the Pont du Gard, one of the most beautiful Roman constructions in the region and the highest roman aqueduct still standing in the world
03:15 Drive back
05:00 Drop off

The schedule can be changed depending on the arrival/departure times of your ship or according to your wish if you stay in a hotel.